City without Love Danijela Simonovska

City without Love 

It has been a wonderful experience to share my thoughts about the culture and architecture and to present my ongoing project “The Past has a Future” during the book launch of Architect Aleksandar Petrov’s new book “City without Love” and the debate about controversial project Skopje2014.

May 2017


SO-USE | СО-ЈУЗ Danijela Simonovska Calvert Journal

SO-USE | СО-ЈУЗ featured on The Calvert Journal

My ongoing project “The Past has a Future” has been featured on the Calvert Journal, London-based online guide to the contemporary culture of the New East. Read more here

May 2017

SO-USE | СО-ЈУЗ at the Green Week 2017

Grüne Woche BMZ_ Danijela Simonovska
Grüne Woche BMZ_ Danijela Simonovska

Photo by Antonio Castello

SO-USE | СО-ЈУЗ at the Green Week

Under the heading of “Fair living conditions, fair consumers and fair trade” a special exhibition by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) showcased how a world without hunger is possible with fair trade and innovation.

I had a great honor to be invited by BMZ at the New Year’ Reception of Federal Minister Dr. Gerd Müller and to present “Turning Waste into Conscious Fashion” Project.

Jan. 2017

IN THE PRESS so-use danijela simonovska

SO-USE | СО-ЈУЗ featured on

An interview about my work was featured on

I hope you enjoy reading the full interview in Macedonian language here.

Jan. 2017


The Future of Fashion: Sustainability & Technology in Fashion 

My Master Project “Imperfection” was presented at the Zalando Fashion House during the Fashion Week Berlin.

The Future of Fashion panel intended to open the discussion in the context of sustainability and the future of the fashion industry. 

Jul. 2015

Traumkartell Graduate Award 2015

Imperfection MA Collection Awarded

I am proud to announce that I have been awarded “Traumkartell Graduate Award 2015” for my  MA graduate collection “Imperfection”. 

The graduate award fashion show and award ceremony took place at Haus Ungarn in Berlin. 

May 2015

The Ethical Showroom, Berlin Fashion Week

Photo by Timur Emek

Imperfection at the Ethical Fashion Show

My Master Project “Imperfection” was presented at The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin Fashion Week.

The key visual of my master project were used for Esmod PR materials. You can see more by clicking here.

Jan. 2015

Imperfection ma collection

Photo by Herr van Toll

Imperfection MA Collection 

The collection was realized with the support of the German natural fashion pioneer Hessnatur. 

All used fabrics are organic and were carefully selected. Wool, silk and cotton fabrics and knits were ordered in natural-raw colors and shades. Plant dyes were used for a gentle garment dyeing.

Oct. 2014

Hessnatur Award

Photo by Joachim Gern

Hessnatur Innovative Concept and Design Award

I am happy to announce that I have received Innovative Concept and Design Award. More about the project you can find by clicking here. 

Jan. 2014


Hessnatur scholarship Simonoska

Hello my name is…  

I have been interviewed by M.A.’ZINE where I am introducing myself and I am talking about my vision for what I intend to accomplish. You can read the interview in full by clicking here

Oct. 2014

Hessnatur Scholarship Winner

Danijela Simonovska Hessnatur Scholarship International Masters Programme – Sustainability in Fashion

Hessnatur Scholarship for the Master degree in Sustainable Fashion

I am happy to announce that I have been awarded a Hessnatur scholarship to attend the Masters Programme – Sustainability in Fashion at ESMOD, Berlin. You can read more by clicking here

Oct. 2014