SO-USE, i.e. Danijela Simonovska provides diverse services and professional consultancy in the field of product and brand development, including trend and fabric research and sourcing, colour forecasts, textile design in all variations and at all levels, creation of garment shapes and details, setting up mood boards, collection boards and worksheets, as well as sample production.

Mastering in sustainable fashion, Danijela incorporates sustainable approaches into her design strategies, designing products that have a low environmental impact and positive social purposefulness.

Consequently, Danijela’s products and services involve ethically and ecologically produced fabrics and incorporate the method of upcycling – transforming old materials into new products with a new life and value. Focusing on the “Making Well-Made-Clothing” philosophy, Danijela works with eco and ethically produced fabrics and supports making desirable and long-lasting pieces of clothing. In her recent project “The Past Has A Future” she reworks existing garments and employs industrial leftover fabrics into new collection making.

To learn more about strategy design experiences, please visit the Projects section of the website or contact Danijela.

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