Danijela has been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years. Having opportunities to work and create across all the fashion categories, allowed her to gain expertise throughout all the phases and working processes – from design and concept to (manual and industrial) production, but also promotion and product placement, fashion organisation and event and team management. 

She has worked on designing garment collections, developing new products as well as coordinating small and medium volume production orders for conventional to fair-trade market. She was the initiator and founder of a Fashion Week and a Fashion Association in her native country Macedonia, where she also took the presidency for a couple of years. She was also involved – as a partner, an initiator or a participant – with different fashion campaigns, projects and events and she has supported national and international missions and strategy programs for building up platforms for the development of the fashion industry in the Southeast Europe.

She specialized in sustainable fashion in Berlin and she gained a fashion design degree both in Skopje and in Zagreb. For her Master Studies, majoring in “Sustainability in Fashion”, at ESMOD Berlin she was awarded a scholarship by the German eco-fashion leader Hessnatur and a scholarship by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia; and for her sustainable concepts and collections she was awarded with Traumkartell Graduate Award, the Award for Sustainable Collection Development by ESMOD Berlin and Hessnatur Award for Serial Upcycling Collection and Innovative Collection Concept and Design.


Danijela established SO-USE as a fashion consultancy service provider. Inspired by the so-called Pioneer spirit, which she has managed to keep, she founded SO-USE to incorporate this belief into professional practices. Born in Ex-Yugoslavia, she was initiated in the Pioneers’ Union under the ideal of “Unity and Brotherhood” and she grew up with an ideology where pioneers were encouraged to be honest, sincere, brave, progressive and hardworking, taught to be responsible and respectful, to protect the environment, and to contribute to the society. Pioneers were considered to be the ones who would build a better future and expected to drive the society forward. With SO-USE Danijela nourishes the Pioneers’ ideals and narrative, reinforcing her business endeavours and passionately creating valuable relationships with her clients and coworkers.


Naming SO-USE was a linguistic transcreation. The noun SOYUZ (Cyrillic: СОJУЗ [sɐˈjus]) is the Macedonian word for “Union” and the English compound SO USE has the same pronunciation as SOJUZ. The linguistic blend of the two reflects the business philosophy and embraces the ideas of “Unity” and “USE”.

Danijela Simonovska, Photo by Benjamin Tafel